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  1. Not to be a total jerk. But I’m glad I’m a healer so I won’t accidentally end up in a pug with you.

  2. You don’t pre-HoT for known incoming damage and if you look at your logs you green parse with borderline grey parses for these keys.

    Also you waste an extra 2+ seconds before healing people because you have to manually scroll through the list of players, this results in deaths that were 100% avoidable.

    You act like some kind of god player in the comments but your logs clearly show your averaging bottom 22% of the player base for M+.

    Also your struggling to time 10’s & 11’s barely making time by 1-3 minutes. If you played properly on a mouse and keyboard and did DPS you would be a lot faster. The same can be said with preventable deaths.

    You had 25 death’s in a +11 DoS which is a considerable amount of time lost, you had 9 in a +9 key as-well.

    Times in the video you prioritize yourself over other players, your comments say you do that because if you die everyone dies. Except the problem is it takes not even 1 second to throw a HoT on someone to help them.

    Even then you decided to put a rejuv on someone who was 2% HP instead of using swiftmend and everyone else died while you were 65% HP completely negating your “if I die everyone else dies” statement.

    Also you claim this is only “The worst of your runs because it would be boring to show me just using moonfire on enemies” yet you have 12 keys total that are +10-11. And this video shows 6 of them at-least, that’s half your runs and they ended up almost depleting the key in most cases.

    So yeah sure if your trying to show off that at the very least 50% of your runs look like this congrats I guess but your only screwing over other people’s keys by doing this.

  3. This addon is cool but like dude you are barely helping your party. Like again cool that this works but if my healer was playing with a controller and could not keep our group alive I would be pretty bummed. I am not sure you are helping your case.

  4. Cool story bro, now do it with something other than resto druid. You have so many single-target spells or AoE spells you can just cast on your character’s position, that the lack of a mouse is not as bad.

    Compare this to a resto shaman who has to place various totems, as well as debuff and interrupt a lot of enemies, that you can’t get away with cycling through all the enemies until you have the right target. Selecting a target by moving the camera/aiming the central reticle at it is messy.

    It is still a lot of effort, no doubt about it. But it’s not getting you the same peak results as using a mouse.

  5. Kindve looks like you’re doing subpar healing, 0 mechanics or damage and with each run are really close to timer with a shit ton of deaths. If there is an advertisement as to why controller WoW isn’t realistic this is it

  6. Glad I’m not running 10-15s, kekw. Cool proof of concept, and honestly amazing UI for controller play, but please stick to solo play and questing when using a controller. Controller gameplay in M+ is just being a detriment to your group, no matter what kind of cheeky/edgy comeback you’ve got on reddit.

  7. We talked earlier, and this shows exactly why playing with gamepad is bad.

    On this particular week with explosives, is your job, specially as a rest druid to get them all. Making other ppl spend globals on it is bad.

  8. [https://raider.io/characters/eu/azjolnerub/Kenna#season=season-sl-3](https://raider.io/characters/eu/azjolnerub/Kenna#season=season-sl-3)


    * Here’s Kenna for anyone that would like to review the logs for each of these
    * Since you are pushing for KSM, most of us who play M+ at +15 and above would like to see you run semi-optimized.
    * Your stat distribution is also incorrect with you prioritizing “Haste+Crit” over the much preferred “Haste+Mastery” for healers. High performing Druids tend to use “Haste+Vers” currently or some form of damage increasing stat spread. Due to them having great pre-hots to combat incoming damage and better/faster overall throughput. Your basic healing is struggling so “Haste+Mastery” is recommended until you learn to keep people alive in sub 15 keys.
    * Your talent selection is also poor and doesn’t follow what most high performing druids are using.
    * Your legendary choice (not Unity, your helm) is a poor M+ choice. Decent for Raiding. Verdant Infusion is recommended.
    * Necrolord would probably be a better choice than Night Fae- Unbridled Swarm is great and often recommended over Convoke. Plus the shield would probably keep you from dying less and healing just yourself.
    * Pretty much everyone here has said this – your reaction time is abysmal and you’re not really tossing out Pre-HOTs.
    * I hope you do get KSM and improve.

  9. Lmao imagine opening with a clip of you ignoring explosives because your controller mod can’t click on them and watching your party get slammed instead

  10. If I knew my healer was using a controller I wouldn’t invite them based on this. Looked like zero utility, zero DPS, and still had trouble healing.

    How do you put Vortex down under the group? You have to run in and cast it under yourself?

  11. Echoing the other points. This misses all the other important skills of a healer in M+ like utility, affix help (killing orbs this week), light dps. I really hope you are transparent with this before you run a group because you are actively hampering the success rate by forcing the 4 others to pick up the slack whether it be extra dps or utility (but then you are taking CDs away from DPS for utility which makes the first point even harder). I really hope you are doing with this a premade 5 man that has signed up for your handicap.

  12. Do you have logs from these runs? It not, start saving them and posting them. Would help with all the nay-sayers.

  13. It’s 100% doable to get carried as a shit healer this season when the tank is doing 14k overall and you have a survival hunter and warlock both doing over 20K.

    Healers get carried 100% of the time. If they’re not doing any decent DPS, they’re a fucking carry.

  14. Explosive really wasn’t the week to push keys on if you can’t target things lol.

    People expect healers to do a lot of the explosive killing work, and when you do literally none of it it’s no wonder things are difficult. Maybe if you told the group before hand that you won’t kill any orbs it will be okay, but good luck getting invited to a pug like that.

  15. More like road to ksm despite handicapping yourself and your group.

    At least you are full enough of yourself to not suffer mentally from people calling you out on your delusions of grandure. Clear proof that if they ever make WoW for console, console Andys need to be kept to their own servers and matchmaking.

  16. As someone that play all healing classes to KSm in SL that hurts… no dps, no explo killing not even healing rly much there. I mean the rouge drops and you hot him 2 sec after that? Without cheat Death he would be down easy. Pre Hot and swift heal for dps playing bad. Idk what gear you have but i can Heal +18 in times with a 2Piece Monk 250gs wirhout any Problems. Healing to KSM is like saying: I could reach Lvl 60 without dying… if you just Heal and do nothing else you are not a good M+ healer thats all. You should AT LEAST to 3k dps overall in a +15. As a Nightfae druid (dont use convoke to heal man… plz) you should even do more. Madraxxus should be better for a only Healing/Dot Druide maybe try that becouse convoke in M+ is there to do Cat+dps.

  17. Goodluck on KSM! Hopefully non-explosive weeks will be a bit less hectic for this playstyle.

  18. CharlieGoodChap

    Hey man I know you’ve received a lot of negative review, but as a casual gamer I like this idea, and as someone who runs mostly dungeons that are non mythic I think this is a super cool idea for the casual gamer such as myself. Being able to hold a control than cramp my hands would be nice, and thanks for the idea.

  19. I played resto druid in classic wow with a controller and it was awesome. I was almost always the top healer in raid and had no trouble clearing anything due to heals. My guild and raid team had no idea I used a controller, and I bet if they did they would kick me. Now I play ffxiv with a controller and it’s a really standard thing to do. It sucks that people are so against controllers in WoW. Coming from an active controller user, it really doesn’t make a difference.

  20. I like how the pro players of the reddit tell “no, you can’t use a controller, you are not helping, you are not usingo 120% of you class” and so on.

    They think doing a +15 in a pug will have only people doing their 100%? Or that if you don’t do the best strategies and MDI shenanigans you can’t do a +15? I know a lot of players that are doing +16 / +17 all the time that don’t know how to kick a cast properly. Or tanks that tank +15 and more only walking in a straight line without doing skips or out of the way packs. Not everyone will play 100% of the spec, not everyone will be able to heal / dps / kill orbs / kick casts all at the same time even in the keyboard. Lets not say that every player that is doing a +11 right now is using 100% of the class, because I assure you, they are not. Remember that its not because some people can and want to do a +28 and compete that everyone can and want to do it. +15 is not that hard and is not that ultra high end content that some people paint.

    We have MMO’s with hard content that people play using controllers, stop being a jerk to others. If he can get the KSM, great, if not, great too. The controller is still something not really official, but nothing says it will not be in the future.

  21. Holy crap the amount of hate in this thread.

    I come from a fighting game world. And there was a time that playing on Controller was considered non competitive. Supposedly inferior the joystick in practically every way. It was a stigma. Then people started winning majors with controller. Now in days people play on hitboxes and keyboards. Players that likely never would have existed had the fgc not grown up.

    Stop limiting yourself/others.

  22. Not completely sure how this addon works or how the game registers controller presses but something that might help you out is using targeting macros on your <, ^, >, v keys and set your left trigger to swap to the bars where you’ve got all your targeting macros set up. Might take some getting used to but at least you won’t have to cycle through the whole party to get to someone

  23. Damn, these comments are tearing you a new one. Sorry you gotta deal with all the hate here.

    This is pretty cool, definitely seems wicked challenging so cheers for trying and putting yourself out there! Best of luck with KSM, don’t let the comments get you down!

  24. unholymetal614


  25. Wow thanks alot, I got banned for losing my cool and calling someone stupid. I’m better than that sorry if anyone was offended. Lesson learned.

    I think some players believe there’s only one way to optimally play wow, you lookup a guide and follow that to the letter. But where’s the diversity and fun in that?

    And moving forward games these days are cross platform, crossplay, mobile in the cloud etc. WoW added official controller support in Shadowlands. Why should it be stuck in the past.

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