34 thoughts on “100% deserved”

  1. Dont yall hate how they don’t use flashy and creative graphic designs for the posters and just put a default photo of a in game character?

    Its so annoying cuz blizzard got one of the best best team of designers and modelers. Why?

  2. No at all deserved. The numbers are totally bloated because the _not really_ only way to get beta access is watching an OW™ approved streamer.

  3. While i do love this game, it’s only got that many viewers because they’re forcing people to watch to get into the beta. They’re artificially high and don’t represent the actual number of people watching because they’re more than likely afk.

  4. 60% of these people are just watching to get drop for ow2 beta. It isnt foe support or its fun to watch, no they probably just muted stream and go afk or play another game. Beta testers for blizzard and cheap money for streamers.

  5. Games learned how to farm view bots from people by offering small rewards. China changed the world with how they handled Valorants opening week by doing this and now everyone is following the winning strategy

  6. uh how is it deserved?

    This is the same game that hasn’t had a single piece of new/meaningful content in like 2 years. If anything, it doesn’t deserve the success its gotten from its name only.

    Not to mention in the past several years Blizzard has been under scrutiny for some truly horrible things.

  7. It sure isn’t deserved. They’re pulling the same shit Valorant did in beta and locked access behind twitch drops. The only reason this is better is because they have a “guaranteed access at 4 hours” while Valorant was random.

  8. Ok this has to stop. Not only this this low effort, but the trend around all media of using likes or views to hype is just silly. The game quality has nothing to do with its twitch viewship. Why does anyone care- particularly for this same thing to be posted like 4 times

  9. I feel like spending money on OW2 is pointless and I don’t like how they’re making us get a whole new game when they could’ve just made little updates here and there. Correct me if I’m wrong, but there doesn’t seem to be a TON of new features on OW2.

  10. MAX DROPS ENABLED BIG JUICER DROPS IN HERE FAST NOW JOIN FOR DROPS. Like every streams title lmfao. Wonder what the attraction is.

    Edit. Damn went from 1.5million to 58k.

  11. doesn’t deserve it this is just because people have to have the direct open if they want to enter the beta, and even so I think people are getting too excited

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