8 month suspension for troll RP profile on Moon Guard

Got bored a couple weeks ago and was messing around Moon Guard’s Goldshire. I made a stupid low-level troll character to run around Goldshire with. One of the things I had in my Total RP profile was “selling pics/erp for gold” which I think is probably what got me.

The character profile was completely facetious and I was using it to poke fun at another girl who always sits in Goldshire and actually sells her pictures for real life money. I didn’t advertise, I didn’t actually give out anything to anyone — I did nothing of that nature. Again, it was just a troll profile. I don’t even roleplay.

Yes, some guy did run up to me and give me some gold. Of course, I didn’t actually engage in “erotic roleplay” with him or do anything. I just took the gold and didn’t think anything of it. Guys are tipping and simping for girls all day in Goldshire. A female character can literally just be dancing on the railing and someone will tip them a few thousand gold. Again, I thought nothing of it because this type of thing goes on all day here and has been for years. I was logged on to the character for maybe two hours or so before I got bored and left.

A week or so goes by and I receive an email notifying me of action against my account. An 8 month suspension for “disruptive gameplay.” I submitted an appeal and they respond to me with another generic and automated message about how they’ve “thoroughly investigated the evidence and the penalty will be upheld. This matter is now closed.” They won’t even tell me what exactly it is I did wrong. I’m trying to explain things to them but they refuse to even elaborate whatsoever because it’s a matter of “security and privacy.”

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Okay, I get it. Obviously this was a dumb thing to do and I fully expect to be mocked in some of the responses. That’s fine. But does anyone else think 8 months for a troll total RP profile is absolutely absurd? It’s not like I was advertising nudes in trade chat or something ridiculous like that. I’ve seen botters and hackers get shorter suspensions than this. 8 months just seems insane to me. There’s so many disgusting total RP profiles that are extremely vulgar and graphic. And these people have been around for years. I never would have imagined that I could be penalized like this for facetiously advertising in a Total RP profile. I am truly distraught over this.

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9 thoughts on “8 month suspension for troll RP profile on Moon Guard”

  1. The_Gilded_Pigeon

    So, let’s break down what the real issue here is. It’s not just that you were trolling on an RP server, which you probably know by now is against the TOS. It’s that the profile was sexually explicit in nature, even if it was in jest. Considering the PEGI rating of this game, you can understand why such materal would warrant a heavy-handed response. There is a reason that why most people will use a trial account for such purposes – When Blizz responds to issues of this explicit nature, they will do so hard.

    Probably even more so in the wake of their own ‘Cosby Suite’ controversy. This final point is conjecture, but I think it bares worth considering.

  2. I think timing got you in this case , being that blizzard is in sexual harassment hell ATM it would behoove them to drop the hammer on anything that may resemble said harassment of any kind . Sorry for your ban, but I think you get why they did it . Good fortune to ya, hopefully you learn from this mistake,maybe try to see if they’ll lessen your ban

  3. OutlandishnessOk7884

    >They won’t even tell me what exactly it is I did wrong. I’m trying to explain things to them but they refuse to even elaborate whatsoever because it’s a matter of “security and privacy.”

    I won’t comment on the rest of the post, but I do think this is BS right here. They said the same thing to me back when I inquired about a two-week suspension. If you’re going to drop an eight-month suspension on someone, I think the player has the right to know why exactly they’re getting suspended.

  4. Well for starters trolling (beyond being obnoxious to begin with) is against TOS on rp servers. Plus you know, the whole sexually explicit profile in the wake of massive sexual harassment suits at blizzard. Like you said, play stupid games win stupid prizes. As for feeling the suspension is too long, just consider this blizz trolling you back.

  5. Volkov_The_Tank

    I really hope this means blizzard is cracking down the the ERPers in gold shire.

    Gives the only high pop alliance RP server a bad name.

  6. Equivalent-Camp7795

    well if you’re going to get hit the banhammer the good news is that there has probably never been a better time in wow to serve a lengthy suspension. you’ll be back probably within the first month or two of season 4 and well before dragonflight goes live. sure it stinks but at the same time you’re not really going to miss out on much

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