31 thoughts on “A little clip from season 1. before tilted towers”

  1. Wow, this really is nostalgic. Just how quiet it is. That’s what gets me. You can’t hear a thing but you and your weapons, and then the alarm sounds for the zone closing. Amazing.

  2. It was such a different feel, this makes me nostalgic. I wonder how that burst AR would fare now.

  3. Such a strong nostalgia coming from clip, I remember these days still, running around in a default skin and maybe building a ramp and a wall as an defense

  4. Hopefully some day a Fortnite ‘Origins’ gets released as a separte game and it’s just like chapter 1 from season 1 to 10

  5. The game definitely looked better aswell; making the map a lot more detailed and complicated probably required them to reduce the overall quality of textures and shadows

  6. whip0already_read-it

    Simpler times when you won’t get shot by sweats or get a phone call from a British baby or need
    To shoot down a tank

  7. I wish I had GeForce now back in the day there was this match where me and my friend was using the machine guns before they were ever nerfed..so the didint overheat and we moved everything down it was such a fun match. This was atleast 4 yrs ago time flies.

  8. This would’ve been considered esports-level gameplay back then lol. It’s crazy how much the game has changed since then.

  9. man… back when nobody had any idea what they were doing and every single fight was absolutely terrifying. i miss these days.

  10. 73 headshot with a green burst. What a nice balanced game. Totally better than now.

    (this comment isn’t supposed to offend old fortnite or this post but people that are crying over fortnite being trash these days)

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