A moment of respect for the Resistance Quests


Seriously, it’s been so long since something this refreshing has been in the game story-wise. The quests can get kinda tedious at times but I really enjoy the actual involvement in the story, and all of the dialogue like Jones talking about his time at the IO brings me all the way back to playing Save The World and the charm and character the dialogue brings to the game. So yeah thank you Epic for the funnies, more like this please


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6 thoughts on “A moment of respect for the Resistance Quests”

  1. The Resistance quests are still pretty tedious (go here then go to these three places), but I do enjoy the voice acting involved. The “hacked loudspeaker” and Peely’s most annoying noises were especially good this week.

  2. Gotta be honest, most of the quest dialogue goes over my head ‘cos I’m too busy concentrating on my game to pay attention to it.

  3. It’s going to be interesting to see if they make it more like STW next season. Last season and this season it’s always been one character or another talking directly to you. But over in STW a lot of times one might be talking to you, and then others chime in. Or you end up listening to the conversation between several characters.

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