13 thoughts on “a plane to rule then all”

  1. it’s strange to me how we have all these amazing flying mounts, will it be dragons, machines, birds, flying carpets, and so many other exotic creatures but we never got the basic “flying mount” like a plane. Sure we have the “explorer’s jungle hopper” and the “flying machine” but one of them requires engineering to fly and the other one is a pay wall bigger then the Chinese wall. ( Plus I don’t have that many people that will be willing to buy the game using my link ) but I just thought that having more natural looking mounts would be really cool to have.

  2. Always wanted that goblin starting area air combat quest as bg. With some tweaks to animation and more fluid camera during combat it can be something special. Especially if you combine air and ground combat.

  3. Wish the engines were a bit bigger to actually conceivably propel that chonker of a plane but honestly I like this. Its a pretty faithful recreation of the classic alliance flying machine model with modern graphics

  4. This would be a great mount to give out in a gnome only heritage type quest line, similar to the blood elf and dark iron quests coming in 9.2.5.

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