37 thoughts on “A Tribute To Our Fallen Tank Slot.”

  1. I just realized that now that there is only 1 tank, some characters will like Zarya and Rein will never interact again on HQ before the game starts. All those lines, gone.

  2. I like how they got rid of Orisa’s shield because they felt there were too many opportunities for multiple shields and it just made it hard to deal damage. But with one tank who’s the second shield? Brigitte?

  3. its been pretty fun to play as support in 5v5, i dont actually have to heal 24/7, i have opportunities to go for a kill too. although im not sure if that and a font change is worth 60 bucks

  4. Bro wtf, I stopped playing the game when they added the 2 2 2 rule. IMO, It just kind of ruined any team creativity, but as a tank player, I can’t believe they made it so there can only be one. Im glad I stopped when I did because this is ridiculous.

  5. oh my god this is way sadder than it has any right to be lol

    you should have zarya do her ‘is this guy joking’ laugh emote when rein charges off the cliff. honestly i want a way bigger version of this to send off the 2tank meta with a big look back.

  6. What felt like a huge difference for me was playing sym and not having any shields at all to charge off. Not just shields but not meat shields to charge off either. Feels like sym needs a tweak

  7. as a zarya main with a rein main best friend this hit like a truck 🙁 godspeed fellow tank duos. we will find our place in the world

  8. My friend and I just last season started playing comp heavily. Mostly doing tanks. So this does hurt especially since I play zarya and he plays rein. Pour one out for the grav shatters.

  9. This will be something that’ll be missed once OW2 is actually released. Something that made OW unique and helped allow for so much more cooperation.

  10. It’s rough for the healers now because dps need to do what off tanks used to. The game needs old Brig back and all the healers need to be similarly tweaked like her because after 5 years we know most dps will not adjust to anything.

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