a Weapon skin system would be amazing for the longevity of the game

Here me out, skins are the main things in events right? Everybody loves their skins, their emotes and their golden guns?
Well what about Weapon skins? But instead of purchasing with currency, they require something from you depending on the character.
For example if you wanted a skin for McCree’s revolver, it would have a requirement of “get 100 kills” or another skin that says “get 20 headshots”. Like that.
Another example being mercy’s staff “Heal teammates by (X) amount of points”…etc etc.
I feel like this would add an extra grind to the game that everyone could play passively and have something to chase in the long term, like you’d have an incentive every single match.
What do you think?

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10 thoughts on “a Weapon skin system would be amazing for the longevity of the game”

  1. Overwatch was designed with a relatively fair cosmetics system.
    You can consistently get loot boxes, and you can’t get duplicates until you’ve exhausted all items in a given tier. Rare and expensive skins are far and apart, and cosmetics behind skill ceilings are limited to sprays.
    Personally, I hope OW2 keeps some of these core mechanics.

  2. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing the decoupling of weapon/char skins and you’ll earn both through the new battle pass in ow2.

  3. I’m all for a massive amount of cosmetics. I don’t care if it costs money either. I won’t spend any, but some people will and more money means a healthy my community.

  4. FormalComfortable970

    If you guys have ever played Valorant… Those are the best weapon skins in the game. Some of the crazier skins change the way the gun looks wildly, change the reload animation, the bullet sounds, but it’s all cosmetic. Most importantly, it doesn’t change how they sound to other players, so you can still acknowledge the audio cues.

    They’re also like 20$ a piece haha but still, the effort put into them is amazing

  5. This is what I figured would be coming when golden guns were first introduced, especially with how they added a whole “gun” section in the appearance menu only to basically not do anything with it.

  6. We definitely need SOMETHING other than just golden guns whether it’s just more weapon skins or customizable borders or something like that. Other than fun there aren’t really any reasons to play overwatch long term and I think they know they need to add some more rewards for committing to the game

  7. i think just being able to mix&match them is better. you buy the skin and it gives you the weapon as well, and then, for example, you have rein’s steelhardt skin and his normal skin. then you can give the steelhardt skin the normal weapon.

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