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I’ve been playing a ton on Baptiste recently. I’m really enjoying him. I know they don’t really matter but usually I try to get all the achievements for hero’s I enjoy and all I have left to do for supports are zens rapid discord and Baptiste’s window of opportunity. You have to amplify a total of 2500 damage in one life through the amplification matrix thingy. I genuinely don’t understand how this is possible. I usually only get around 1.5k in a whole game through several deaths

It amplifies projectile damage of both heals and damage so the best heroes I can think of are zarya to Grav and group everyone up, she can also help keep me alive. But her beam will do nothing and right clicking isn’t super effective afaik, orisa or road for projectiles especially roads ult, phara seems good with her ult but she’s not gonna put much damage through it normally and it’d be tricky to get it in the right place if she ults in the sky. Bastion seems like a good option too purely for just pumping out projectiles. Reaper may be good with his death blossom but I’m unclear if that’s just a damage aura or lots of projectiles. Ana is the only other support that fires projectiles unless Moria’s orbs count.

Anyone got any other ideas/advice. I don’t know enough people who play to form a 6 stack to get it and short of that this feels genuinely impossible. Survival is obviously important as it’ll probably take a whole game to get it. I’m not very high ranked (mid gold) so neither my team nor the enemy team are usually grouped up enough to utilise it well. I also don’t know how to balance when is best to use it since I obviously want to get as many off as I can in a game. I’d love if I did get it for bragging rights over my buddy who is a bap main and doesn’t even have the pixel yet (prevent 4 deaths with immortality field). Would love some advice with what is imo the hardest achievement in the game thanks guys


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  1. I think that achievement is a myth. But launching a Dva ultimate through and a Hanzo as well might so it, IF the enemy team is all bunched up. With 5v5, it will literally be impossible unless they adjust it, I imagine.

  2. Okay so its a combined of 2.5k healing/damage if I remember correctly, not damage only.

    You definitely need a zarya on your team. In the best of worlds the other team has a zen to trans in your gravs so your team can dish out thousands of damage in your windows into the grav. (I got mine in 3 windows +- with this method)

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