9 thoughts on “After playing since launch, I finally just got Rapid Discord! Unfortunately…”

  1. POG lolll I got mine randomly in a game recently I wasn’t trying for. It was such a surprise because I forgot about this achievement all together

  2. Your-Friend-Bob

    Idk how to get rapid discord without lucking out that the enemy team is fine with me getting it.

  3. Took me a second. I really hope it sticks because holy shit is it a pain to get.

  4. FrederickFazbuford

    Nice job, i got it on complete accident and didn’t know it was incredibly difficult until i searched it up.

    It’s annoying you’ve gotta do it again though.

  5. I unlocked it sometime in 2018 without ever knowing until recently that it was a nice get. Just wish I can remember what I actually did to receive mine. Makes me happy to paint the map with it though :3

  6. Wizardeadslayer

    I am a zen main and never went for it, once i started trying i got it in 3 games. Its ez

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