22 thoughts on “after so long, overwatch is finally back”

  1. Great edit but this won’t age well after they stop offering beta drops and initial hype dies down.

  2. Honest question. What has been updated for it to be called overwatch 2? Looks like the same game to me.

  3. mr_anderson888

    Literally only cause you have to watch a stream to get access to a beta that is essentially the same game that already exists

  4. Powerful-Drink6889

    amazing what happens when you pay all of the top streamers to play a game on the same time

  5. Thats a good whiff of copium my dude. The moment Asmon stops playing it in about a week, its back to the bottom

  6. I’m out of the loop and don’t play overwatch anymore, what happened? Why are there so many views now?

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