16 thoughts on “After starting at roughly 800 SR on Support, 2 years later I’ve finally hit GM”

  1. honestly how? i’m finding it unbearable in gold right now after climbing from bronze

  2. AllSeeingRogue


    I hope to make the climb one day on support and dd. Very good stuff!

  3. If you would pick one important challenge to overcome, or one tip to give. What would that be? Other than never give up lol

  4. For a second I thought your competitive points was your SR, but congrats!! I placed 1989 for support and fell like 300 SR right away, which scarred me, but this gives me hope. Maybe I’ll try my hand at comp again.

  5. I just dropped back to gold after finally getting to plat ;n; Started off in bronze though so I am still hopeful.

  6. After starting at roughly 1400 SR on Support, 2 years later I’ve finally hit plat

  7. I’m guessing that to get out of bronze, you became the only DPS that could actually hit anything, then to get out of silver you stayed shooting while off-healing. If you were already good at taking opportunity shots, I’m guessing you were able to get out of gold with a lot of pain since the rest of the team didn’t care about objectives. The rest I have no clue on.

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