Alt quick progress check list

What are the go to things to get done on a newly boosted 60 alt to get it to a competitive level quickly?

My thoughts would be unlock much as possible for vault, make 2 x291 legendaries by farming cosmix flux, get some pvp items

What would you guys get done in 2 days as main prio before reset?

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2 thoughts on “Alt quick progress check list”

  1. Go do ZM quest line for renown, buy 226 gear and do LFR for possible tier pieces and flux, craft leggos with said flux and mats from main. Then I guess go farm vault somehow, low M+ unless you can get carried by someone?

  2. ~~Quest until you get to Korthia, then quest in Korthia until you unlock~~ Zereth Mortis. At least one legendary will come from questing alone (belt slot, initially).

    Edited for correction.

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