Am I the only one that hates the combat smg?

I play on PC and the recoil on this thing is awful. I see streamers give up rarer stingers for even a green combat. People in chat saying combat smg is OP and they’d take a blue over a legendary stinger. Am I missing something here? Stinger damages less but the recoil is barely noticeable. Combat smg I’m pulling down almost 2/3 of my large mousepad.

I’m on 400 dpi, 20% x/y sens and 80% target sens. Not super low, and wouldn’t say it close to a high sens either. Not talking about super up close fights where you shotty/smg. Fights where the distance is maybe a few car lengths and the recoil is just insane.

I must be in the minority here. Anybody else feel the same? Do I just need to keep using this thing and eventually I’ll get used to it?

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8 thoughts on “Am I the only one that hates the combat smg?”

  1. I can relate. The recoil seems insane, I think I know why though. When there is going to be two SMGs in the game there needs to be a difference between them. So you have: combat(more damage but harder to aim) and stinger(less damage but easier to aim). Whiteout this difference there would be no reason for there being two different SMGs. I would say choosing the stinger SMG is completely fine and I often do so myself. Just do whatever works for you. With that being said, if you can learn to handle the combat SMG you will be doing more damage 🙂

  2. There’s a trick to the combat smg, you swipe down really quickly during the first few shots then there’s barely any recoil.

    I did feel same as you at first, I thought the recoil on it makes it unusable at range. I feel the same with the mk7 which is why I only tap shoot it instead of spraying when I can’t find an Aug.

  3. Just click to fire or pull down while you shoot, it’s that easy. I don’t understand how people have problems with recoil on PC. That’s on you then.

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