Am i the only person not excited for overwatch 2?

I absolutely adore overwatch 1, im silver border, have made many overwatch 1 posts on here, and i basically play everyday. But overwatch 2 has been so underhyped in my opinion and there’s just not anything in particular thats much different to overwatch 1 other than some new maps, new character and a ping system.

The new story missions seem cool though, but nothing really enough or barely any hype even when im looking for some for overwatch 2.

Just my opinion and by all means i really hope this game does thrive and i hope i am wrong. But surely im not the only 1 that feels like this right?!

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8 thoughts on “Am i the only person not excited for overwatch 2?”

  1. So a complete overhaul of the PVP system “isn’t that much different” and you’re disappointed because there isn’t much hype for a portion of the game (PVE) that’s still too early in development to be releasing hype content about?

    >Just my opinion and by all means i really hope this game does thrive and i hope i am wrong. But surely im not the only 1 that feels like this right?!

    >have made many overwatch 1 posts on here

    Are you really on here all the time? There are like 5 “I am concerned about [insert OW2 topic]” posts here every hour.

  2. I feel neutral to be honest. I think the DPS changes are gonna be fun, as well as the tanks, but as a support player I feel less exited. However, this might change as they might have implemented some changes in the beta based on the feedback they received from the Alpha.

    More specifically Zenyata and Anna seem to be the ones who is gonna need the most help in order to keep up with the new pase of OW2. As much as I love Ana’s sleep dart, i think it would be nice, in my opinion, to give her an ability which will help her get to high ground. As for Zen, I am not sure if he would need mobility or a defensive ability. It would be boring if the meta for supports would entail Brig and Moira. But I will remain postive in that the OW team will take the criticisms into account and make changes patch by patch.

  3. Wait, you guys still get hyped for games?

    I learned my lesson after No Man’s Sky.

    After that I have never allowed myself to get hyped for a game no matter how much I’d love it. I also force myself to not look up any trailers or gameplay videos of the game after I’ve decided I may want to get it.

    It has worked out amazingly. I’ve had some of my best gaming experiences since adopting this strategy

  4. I personally don’t care if a game is hyped or not. If the beta does not suck ass and is actually enjoyable, I will buy it. As long as there is a large enough player base to fill lobbys within 5-10mins, which there will be, I don’t care about hype around the game.

    Look what all the hype did to cyberpunk and such.

    If you are too hyped you can only be disappointed

  5. I’m just pissed OW1 is being killed off. It doesn’t scream confidence to me when you force a playerbase to move to a new game or quit.

    I never play new games till a month or two after launch as none are balanced or have working servers, so I’m outta luck.

  6. I’m not excited for it because I like what OW is right now. It could use some tweaks but overall I don’t want the game to be completely different. It’s only gotten better with time, I would have preferred OW to get the love instead of OW2 existing.

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