Ambulance in Fortnite and themed skins!

New Concept: An ambulance in Fortnite (including sirens of course) that works as a portable reboot van for your mates. He has about 2000 health so everyone can enjoy it! There is no shortage of themed skins, Jonesy Rescuer and Ramirez Nurse! (of which I do not have the photo because I am not a graphic). Epic, introducing these features in my opinion will improve the game and make it more fun! Thanks! What do you think?

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1 thought on “Ambulance in Fortnite and themed skins!”

  1. Ambulance is a cool idea! (I personally want firefighters) I believe there is already an ambulance themed (defo air ambulance themed) set in game. The Triage Trooper is the male skin, basically a medic, there’s a helicopter glider and a iv drip pickaxe

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