An update from AndyB on twitch drops and server issues.

An update from AndyB on twitch drops and server issues.

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  1. Ok_Squirrel_2674

    >What a day! A few updates for everyone

    >1. Drops don’t redeem immediately. There’s going to be a bit of delay in between you claiming, and seeing the Tech Beta client in your launcher
    2. We’re working on increasing server capacity now, sorry for anyone dropping from game!

    >We *estimate* around 30 minutes between claiming and access being granted.

    EDIT: [A second tweet from AndyB on Twitch Drops.](
    >Important drops info: please make sure that your Blizzard acct is connected to Twitch within at least an hour after claiming (assuming you didn’t double check this morning), otherwise you may have significant delays in receiving access

    EDIT 2: Twitch drops have now ended.

    [You can get another shot at beta access by watching the OWL Opening Weekend May 5th-8th beginning at 12pm ET each day.](

    If you have claimed the drops **and have your connected to twitch** but have not yet recieved the beta, I think the only thing you can do is be patient. They seem to be giving access in waves.

    [ Connections](

    (You do not need to have it connected both ways like some people are saying. I got mine with only twitch connected to

  2. reynadsaltynuts

    well its been over an hour for me. twitch acc connected to bnet AND bnet acc is connected to twitch. claimed the drop…still…nothing…

    edit: almost 2 hours. still no beta in the launcher. you guys aren’t alone lol.

    edit2: List of things I’ve already done:

    Before the drops even started:

    * My twitch account was connected to my bnet account through twitch AND though website.

    After drop was claimed:

    * Logging in and out of bnet
    * Completely closing bnet and restarting it
    * Restarting PC
    * Completely closing bnet and any bnet process and clearing the Blizzard Entertainment cache
    * Downloading launcher and installing it again to try to force update it

    160 minutes and still not in launcher

    edit3: Last edit for the night. 4 hours and still not in launcher. Best of luck and have fun playing if you get in. Just hoping I can get in AT ALL at this point…….

  3. I was in a game and the server crashed. Can’t login back to the game now. Seems like the servers are struggling.

  4. Having the same issue, all my account info is linked and i’ve done every restart and update i can, still waiting like an hour and nothing. Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon.

  5. This just reminded me that I forgot to watch twitch today. I guess there’s always next beta.

  6. Claimed my drop an hour ago and I still see nothing. I’ve been closing and opening battle net launcher every couple of mins like a fool…let me in!!!! Lol

    Edit: I restarted my computer and it showed it…I know it must’ve been a coincidence but maybe give it a try

  7. It’s almost like having close to 1 mil people trying to get a drop is causing issues on the backend. Twitch viewership for overwatch went from an average of 32k to over a mil and a good percentage of them are there for the drops. Those poor servers

  8. After just over an hour of waiting after claiming my drop, I got in. They’re still sending out the dropped keys, just gotta give them a bit.

  9. I had my Twitch connected to my Blizz account but only after claiming I connected my Blizzard to my Twitch (if that makes sense) Is this going to be a problem?

  10. Good to see an update but 2 hours is more than a “bit of a delay” Thats half the time I was watching to get the drop!

  11. So far it’s been just shy of 2.5 hours for me so that 30 min timer doesn’t seem too accurate

  12. I know it’s not a unique situation, but still, I claimed 2 hours ago and nothing yet. Even after connecting battlenet to Twitch

  13. Close to 3 hours! Can we make it to 4? 🙂

    edit- just so you all know I can confirm that commenting does NOT increase your chances of getting access! Thats also just another superstition. I just wanted to play before i went to sleep bro.

  14. thetownofsalemdrunk

    4 hours of afking, 3 hours post claimed drop with no way to play for me…I don’t know why I let myself get excited lol.

  15. Been waiting over 4 hours since i got the drop. Claimed it right when I could, both sides of twitch and bnet are connected, restarted app dozens of times, restarted pc, still nothing. Really frustrating.

  16. it’s officially taken more time for me to get the game on my profile than it took to watch the stream

  17. Objective-Round-8617

    Still nothing. I redeemed the Twitch drop it says redeemed 4 hours ago on Twitch, the account and all the connections are right, I have uninstalled and reinstalled both Battlenet and Overwatch, as well as restart my computer 3 times. Read every article I could, tried switching regions and logging out. Still nothing. It sucks 20 of my friends have been playing it for the last 4 hours many of them redeemed it much later I am stuck sitting on the sidelines.

    Made sure everything was set up right before hand to avoid all of this. I don’t understand

  18. So… The wait for the beta to appear in the launcher is officially now longer than the amount of time it took to get it?


  19. I_browse_reddit_porn

    Claimed drop at the first possible chance, was watching streams from second 1 of when drops started, still no access to game. Why even do a drop event if you won’t give players access who actually claimed the drops?

  20. Zestyclose-Trip9539

    I should be king here — 5 hours, tried all methods everyone has mentioned, nothing.

    Claimed drop on Twitch 4pm CST, now it is 9pm CST.

  21. Just here to say I got my drop at ~5pm EST and still haven’t gotten it (5 1/2 hours later), so if you’re in the same boat know you’re not alone

  22. Going on 6 hours without it despite doing everything right and having it “claimed” on twitch

  23. Still nothing. I give up. I was actually hyped, I haven’t felt excited like that in awhile for overwatch.

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