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I’ve been playing WoW since before Cata on and off and play up to and slightly after SL, but stopped. I’ve come back and been enjoying myself. It’s nice to be back. I’ve geared up a few of my chars I want to take into 10.0 – I’ve also just created a new char and have got to level 20 and been thrown straight into BfA content…

When creating the character I didn’t choose Exiles Reach(?), I chose the original starting zone for Tauren and have played in that starting area, then took a quest which took me on a boat to Zuldazar with Princess Talanji

Is there no way any more to play through the normal campaign/story in the old content zones? Why have these been cut out? … other than playing Classic, of course

Feel like we’re missing a lot of the lore here…

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  1. With the level squish that happened heading into Shadowlands, all of the old expansion content has been grouped up into what’s known as “Chromie Time”. In short, you’re time traveling back to your chosen expansion. You have to talk to Chromie in Orgrimmar/Stormwind to initiate it, but it’s only available if you already have a max level character (or 50+? I don’t remember) on your account. If not, you are sent through BFA content because it’s the most recent and gives you the best groundwork for understanding the current storyline.

    Because of the level squish, you’re essentially going to level straight to 50 and be ready for Shadowlands (and kicked out of Chromie time) before you’re even remotely done even a single expansion’s content, so trying to go through everything in order as a coherent story is effectively impossible unless you choose to lock your character (you can turn off experience gain, essentially preventing yourself from leveling, so preventing yourself from being removed from Chromie time).

  2. BFA is required for new players who have not completed BFA. Take portal back to org and travel where ever you wanna level

  3. If you have a level 50 char already, ou should be able to just go where you want and quest there

  4. Not until you get a character to 50, at which point Chromie Time is available for future characters.

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