anyone else sad about missing the lantern challenges?


I got to *one point* before the stretch goal two separate times! I got the wrap, but not the back bling. Im honestly frustrated I spent so many hours multiple days this week to get just one point away. There was twice that I was in the same match to get the requirement, but the time had passed. Im on NAW, so the next day starts at 9pm for me (for the lantern challenges). My squad and I were pushing **so hard** and then it hit 9pm.

I really liked the back bling, too.. Disappointing!


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8 thoughts on “anyone else sad about missing the lantern challenges?”

  1. I managed to get the lantern back thing with 6 minutes until it ended with a last possible match with some randoms. Felt great since I totally thought I was going to miss out on it. Sorry you did though.

  2. I did the one with the circles of the storm on Saturday and it took me a long time to do it despite always being among the top 10-5,about 4 hours but i got it.

    On Thursday I tried to do the damage inflicted one and I only missed 1 point, that shit hurt….

    But yes you are right brother these trials and the past ones (that gave you a glider) were very time consuming and fucking boring.

  3. I’m just mad I didn’t have the time to do their ridiculously time consuming challenges. The easier ones during it I barely even had time to play as it was. The last 2 days were the most I had played and couldn’t get the second stretch goal yesterday so never got the back bling.

  4. I missed last trial’s last day by 1 point 🙁 I should’ve done the first day’s challenge…

    Note to self: don’t wait for a better challenge if the current challenge is already fairly doable

  5. Honestly stopped playing their game with these types of challenges, having to mess about with a outside website for something they easily could have put in the game annoys me and serves no other reason than to tell investors/collaborators how many people they’ve actively got going to the site to give them an idea of their active playerbase

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