30 thoughts on “Apparently IO will hire Stormtroopers, this explains why they’re losing”

  1. I was in the water past the island near tilted in final circle, getting beamed left and right, I had 100hp left. I rifted. I was instantly killed by doctor slone from the storm at her spot. Couldn’t believe it.

  2. Stormtroopers are supposed to be a lot more deadly than they seem in the original trilogy since they were trying to capture Luke alive. Then Disney comes along and makes them into “haha stormtrooper can’t aim”, completely ruining some of Kenobi’s lines in A New Hope.

  3. At least they are betting on the right horse (until Vader comes in to deal with Slone and take her to “account for her failure”), the Imperial Stormtroopers are supposed to be the Galactic Empire’s most elite unit, known for their extreme accuracy. And in the Star Wars universe, they only missed their shots because the Force was protecting the protagonists to make sure they would be able to bring back the balance of the Force. But in Fortnite? The Force isn’t there, and the Stormtroopers are free to laser you as they should. (And did if you count the event where some totally canon First Order Stormtroopers were around the Chapter 2 map…)

  4. Storm Troopers should actually talk to the IO Guards to learn a thing or two. Those troopers during the Star Wars event have nothing on the IO.

  5. If they’re hiring Stormtroopers, then I think that explains the mystery of (future story quest) >!who will defect from the IO to help the Seven. It’ll be Finn!<

  6. All the troopers and imperial things they could’ve brought to turn the war and they pick the bucketheads who only hit their targets in a grand total of 2 scenes in 1 movie.

    This truly is an IO moment

  7. I disagree with this conversation for some reason they turned out to become an aimbot against me like what have i done to epic games to deserve this

  8. Man, people really don’t wanna let that go, even though the Stormtroopers were letting them escape so they could track them back to their base. In about every other medium, they hit their shots. Case and point, the endor battle. Hell, even earlier on onboard Tantive IV they win the skirmish

  9. Not really. the stormtroopers on the death star were ordered to miss because if they killed the princess the rebellion would just use a different spy.

    Princess Leia could have lead the empire to the rebellion, Stormtroopers are good shots that’s why on endor leia got easily shot from a normal stormtrooper.

    Fun fact! : stormtroopers are actually a special unit mostly used in space and on imperial planets the biggest part of the empires army are actually mud troopers seen in solo a star wars story.

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