Are the OW2 gunshot sounds just stupidly loud? (at least compared to OW1?)

The sound of all the bullets just drowns out so many other sounds and it’s bloody awful. All of the bullet sounds now have that “FPS sound” where the bullets sound a lot deeper than in OW1. It’s not just bullets too, Sigma’s balls are louder now or have a deeper bass. They tried to make everything sound cooler but now I can’t hear shit.

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4 thoughts on “Are the OW2 gunshot sounds just stupidly loud? (at least compared to OW1?)”

  1. Oh man I love the new sound! You could totally be right though, may be louder. I had to play around with my sound settings when I got in.

  2. Def love all the new sounds and have constantly been remarking on how good they sound so idunno, might be an issue you can fix in your settings

  3. What headphones do you have? The default audio mix in the settings is set to studio. Your headphones may not be able to reproduce the pure studio audio mix. Try the different compressed audio mixes until you find one you prefer on your headphones.

  4. Yes, this is true. I am not a fan of it. I enjoy the sounds individually, but not when there is a team fight. Too much overwhelming noise that I can’t even distinguish other abilities or important sound cues occuring. Try reducing the slider in the sound options for now. It won’t fix the issue, but at least you won’t get a headache.

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