7 thoughts on “Are these broken for anyone else or just me”

  1. Ok-Highlight1261

    If you’re playing with a team it’s not top 25 teams it’s top 25 players

  2. I had problems with both of these. I had to do them both a few times before they completed. For the vehicle one, make sure you don’t get out of the vehicle before you get to the stormtrooper checkpoint or it won’t count

  3. smallshotfunshot

    The top 25 one so in solos. Make sure you land within the checkpoint bounds, then finish top 25.

    As for the drive a vehicle one … yeah that’s bugged for me too. Did it like four time yesterday and never completed.

  4. I didn’t have issues. But also did all of them on solo. Dunno if that changes anything (it shouldn’t but maybe there’s a glitch).

  5. 14BaldSkeppys

    One thing I found on the driving one, it says in game you can’t get out of the car.

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