Are you toxic?

Ok, so the poll is mostly a joke, but what’s up with the toxicity in this game, or any game for that matter?

You asked for healing? I’m not gonna heal you then.
You chose a hero that I don’t like? Gonna throw then.
I won’t switch, I won’t heal, I won’t… etc.

Sure, I remember playing shooters back in the day and having one or two people scream at others for doing something they didn’t like, but nowadays it seems like it’s more common to find toxic people rather than not.

Did something change? Is there something about Overwatch that makes people toxic? Is it an age thing?

I’ve seen some streamers that play this game being quite toxic, and those have quite a few followers, could that be part of the problem?

What do you guys think?
Is it a real problem, should we just accept it, can we even do something about it?

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22 thoughts on “Are you toxic?”

  1. Ok_Conflict_5730

    the way that overwatch is currently made requires 6 players to win but 1 player to lose, so that probably doesn’t help.

  2. > Is there something about Overwatch that makes people toxic? Is it an age thing?

    Yes and yes. OW appeals to a more younger crowd, somewhere between fortnite and apex but what makes it different and gives more reasons for toxicity is that you always depend on other roles in order for you to do your job.

    If there’s no space, you can’t get kills, if there’s no heals, you can’t make space. And since role queue was added, it’s been more punishing being stuck with people that simply don’t want or don’t know how to play.

    There is an extra layer of frustration because you can try your absolute best and still lose because of other people.

  3. Look, when a fully mobile character who can self sustain keeps asking me for heals WHILE my second support is dying or WHILE running away from me as I try to heal them… yeah I can get a little miffed. But I always keep it to myself. I just don’t gain any enjoyment or pleasure from being mean to other people.

  4. trust me valorant is a lot more toxic there’s a 90% chance that SOMEONE will type ez in chat…

  5. There is no way to tell (aside from the misleading medals) to know how well your teammates are doing. I’ve been flamed in matches where the card later pops up of me doing 38% of my team’s damage.

  6. old-account-is-gone

    I mute myself to be toxic. I know most of my frustrations aren’t actually other people’s faults 50% of the time. Also no one wants to hear someone start complaining mid game

  7. Only toxic when TM is in arcade and defense goes Winston, sombra, and doom from the start.

  8. I get extremely frustrated when losing. It’s not 100%, but it happens a lot. I think it’s because deep down, I know I don’t have the time to get better at Overwatch anymore. I’m going to continue slipping and slipping until I just suck at the game, and there’s nothing I can do about it, so I get angry and loud. Of course I never use voice comms, so it’s just me raging at myself

  9. im only toxic in game but ill never be toxic to my teammates and after the match is over anyone who is angry genuinely plays worse, usually its pretty light like if i kill someone i would put a “:)” in all chat or if we win a round ill say “just realized my monitor was off, crazy”

  10. Tellus_Eidolon

    I’ve tried arguing (for years, at this point) that the community as a whole must do better.

    One of the most common suggestions to “avoid” toxicity is “block and move on”. But that doesn’t do *anything* about toxicity. It only shields one person from it, while the toxic person is free to go on and bother other people.

    Everyone needs to sack up and push back when they see toxicity, even if you aren’t the target of it – **especially** if you weren’t the target of it.

    The most effective way to curb unacceptable behaviour is to show the perpetrator that the social group won’t accept it. If only the victim speaks up, then it’s a 1v1 where the troll got what they wanted – a reaction. If eleven other people (or, hell, just two) speak up, the toxic player will realize that their behaviour will eventually only lead to a perma ban through reports.

    All that said, there’s massive issues with social interactions over the web, simply because it’s the web. People from vastly different cultures, with vastly different thresholds for toxic behaviour, coupled with the zero accountability of anonymity. And that’s before I start ranting about how parents need to start holding their kids accountable for how they act online 😛

  11. I think it is a problem with the gamer community in general. Too much self-entitlement and arrogance (especially from men, as they a nor punished for this so often), and a very low ability to recognize their own mistakes. And I think this happens for the same reason it happens on social media: these people are protected by a screen. 95% of these people don’t act like this in real life.

    And to answer your question, I tend to be very toxic with people who are toxic. I do not type a single word for nothing, I curse and complain alone in my room, but I don’t let people know I think they are performing badly (and in most cases I don’t mind, I know they are learning as much as I am). However, as soon as someone starts to being a jerk, I release the demon: I shout at them, insult their intelligence, say some pretty heavy stuff and, in extreme situations, just hang around and make the team lose by doing nothing (I don’t play competitive and when I did, I turned the chat off). I know this isn’t right, that’s why I’m trying to get used to turn off the chat every match, but I like when they taste their own poison.

  12. Material_Character75

    Even if only one of the yes sayers exist in five games a day, those five games have, potentially, 55 other players who end up thinking the game has a lot of toxic players.

    Toxic to me is not only people who are intentionally mean, throwing or otherwise sabotaging. It is also those who want to win extremely badly, and actually are very good at their role, but is not a team player and takes any mistakes out on others. I mean in an overly rude, childish way either to the entire team or in whispers of the swearing nature.

    I think the game is somehow feeding them a sense of self satisfaction without them ever having to correct themselves. I don’t think this is exclusive to overwatch, or even digital games. I don’t think it’s possible to remove them no matter the paywall or age limit. But there is no sane reason we shouldn’t be able to permanently avoid them in a game we are meant to revisit weekly for fun and competition.

    I’ve seen people say communities should come together to show it isn’t okay, and that works sometimes in real life. In ideal situations. Over time. Mostly not, because there are other issues.
    And in a ten to forty minute game, such a revelation is unlikely to happen unless we happen to find a few very bored psychologists who feel like spending their free time coaching teams on overwatch for free

    Also I have no comment on any game changes or overwatch 2. I enjoyed my 800 hours on 1.

  13. The worst is the racism aspect. I tried to do basic voice calling in comp as main tank – “ like recharging shields”, “ speed boost me now lucio” etc – and just get called racist names or mocked for my accent. Mostly happens when we are losing and sometimes even when we are winning. I keep reporting but nothing happens. Sometimes the entire stack is racist and it gets even worse. Nothing ever happens. Bans are based on number of reports and not actually analysis of content.

  14. the only slightly toxic thing i do is if the enemy team has a junkrat or roadhog i hunt them

  15. Jimothy_Doppleman

    I can get a bit toxic but only in the petty, passive aggressive way when I’m annoyed.

    Like, if the DPS/tank that decided to solo dive the entire enemy team starts spamming they need heals after dying, I will start spamming the acknowledge option. Or that enemy that is hard targeting me? You can bet that I will teabag ’em when I manage to kill them lol.

    But for OW being toxic? It’s a game that’s been out since 2016 with new people popping in to play against the people who’ve stuck around since the beginning. It’s also competitive, but with teammates who get to choose certain roles in a game that has balance issues, which makes playing your favorite character all the time impossible. There’s always going to be toxic people.

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