As someone who’s never subbed to Fortnite Crew.

I see that the new May skin has been revealed and that I can join now and still unlock the April pack/skins.

As someone who’s never subbed before is this a smart move or am I missing something?

I’d actually be getting the April and May crew pack for the price of one right now? (I know I wont actually receive Southpaw until the 30th of April)

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4 thoughts on “As someone who’s never subbed to Fortnite Crew.”

  1. You always get 2 months of skins + 1k vbucks and a 1 time 950 refund if you bought the seasons (battle) pass with v-bucks

    You won’t get the 2nd months 1k v-bucks if you cancel(those are given on payment dates)

  2. If you aren’t the biggest fan of this month’s skin you can wait until next month and still get southpaw plus that next month’s skin

  3. yes. But I highly recommend buying the Fortnite Crew on May 5, 6 or 7 so you can get 2 full skin sets (Southpaw and June 2022 skin), 1000 vbucks, and two battle passes

  4. edgy-potato-salad

    wait tp get if until after may 3rd, that way you can get 950 vbuck + next season pass

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