at what elo is an alt dirty?


So im thinking about buying ow on another account as i rly want to see what rank id get. Contrary to most alt users i actually think i belong in lower elo im playing much worse since like 2 seasons but have only dropped 100 elo but im getting rolled on my rank. Im a 3.3k tank main. Would it be dirty off me to create an alt. My dps is 2k and support 2.5k.


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4 thoughts on “at what elo is an alt dirty?”

  1. It’s only going to be dirty for a few games. And I’d be surprised honestly if the games are that lopsided. Having started over after switching from console to pc I was only head and shoulders above for about 10 matches

  2. qp is a mess anyway but a new account you’ll be put with new/lower skill players but that usually lasts like 5-10 matches while it figures out ur sbmm. when u get to placements on that account maybe the first couple will be iffy but if they are the wins/losses of placements should move u to where u should be even in the placements and if ur not rlly where u need to be after them you’ll climb or fall.

  3. MMR adjusts quickly. Especially on smerf accounts. You’ll find yourself right back where you started quite fast. I personally suggest continuing on your current account and getting better.

    Besides. Smerfs are for assholes. Anyone with a smerf account is a dick looking for easy kills against nubs. If you can’t tell, I hate smerfs. I don’t even deal with them, really. I just think they are punks.

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