19 thoughts on “Become an ammo freeloader, not a reloader! Look around for the freshly unvaulted LMG.”

  1. they kinda nerfed this to the ground, the good things about the lmg was that it had high fire rate and high ammo, now it shoots a little faster than a ranger ak for less damage with 40 bullets removed from the mag. also the recoil was not needed to be added to this gun??

  2. I got 2nd place and lost a crown because I had no idea this thing had dropped. My opponent was mowing me down from the top of a mountain. 😂🤣🤣

  3. I’m not even mad they overhauled it. Unlike the Tac SMG it’s kinda better now, and is still so fun to use

  4. Inspirational_Lizard

    And nerfed to shit, lmao, no point in using this anymore with the busted smgs we now have. It just feels like a normal gun instead of the powerhouse it was.

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