Blizzplanet 10.0 Interview on new Race/Class combinations


In the above mentioned interview, the team said they are talking about new class/race combos. Blizz, if you can hear me. PLEASE give paladins to gnome/night Elf. I know I’m being a baby, but this is the longest the game has gone without a new in wrath, priest in cata, monk in mop, hunter in legion. Please blizz, let me stay subbed forever farming pally mogs.

Context: I can only play gnome.



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  1. Weird combos I want:

    Dwarf(Wildhammer) Druids: there is a portal to the Emerald Dream in the hinterlands, and already griffon-forms in game.

    Nightborne Druid: if there was a way to limit a race to one spec, NB should have Balance to complete the Astrologer role that they have in Suramar

  2. Almost every unplayable race/class combination exists in some sort of NPC; Undead Paladins, Night Elf Shamans, Tauren Rogues, the list goes on. Except for Hero Classes every race/class can be justified with “I learned this from my allies” and that is a perfectly understandable answer, after all that is how we got things like Dwarf Warlocks, Orc Mages, Gnome Hunters and others among playable race/class combos and a Night Elf Paladin from among unplayable combos in NPCS.

    They should just open up every class but Evokers and Demon Hunters, as those are way too specific and I’m sure the fans will forgive them for staying limited if every other class was opened up to all the races. Personally I would roll Undead Paladin as my first alt if they removed the restrictions.

    ***EDIT PLEASE READ:*** It should be noted I excluded Demon Hunters not because other races can’t hate demons, it is because the very process of becoming a Demon Hunter is painful, excruciating and fucked up. You basically forfeit your life because you have nothing to lose to carve your eyes, immolate your soul and likely die in the process for the *chance* at revenge. No one in their right mind would want to be a Demon Hunter unless they feel there is no other choice and since the Legion is defeated there is no reason for the races to want to convert. This isn’t like the new Death Knights in which you are raised from death against your will by Bolvar for whatever reason, being a Demon Hunter is the biggest sacrifice one can make. Unless we go to the plane of Chaos which is like Fel’s version of the Shadowlands, there is no reason that Demon Hunters should be trained.

    Now please stop trying to sound smart and be like “well actually..” I excluded them for a very big reason. Now if they want to include Orcs, Draenei or whatever among the Illidari as a *retcon* as always existed by all means, but there will be no NEW Demon Hunters.

  3. I was really hoping they were going to announce more race/class combos in the reveal. I would race change so fast and I’m sure I won’t be the only one.

  4. Worgen and Goblins still can’t be monks. I still don’t understand why. Also my two cents is that any race that can be a priest should by common logic be able to be a paladin.

  5. Orc and Draenei DH

    Night Elf and Forsaken Paladins

    Pandaren Druid

    The ones I want most

    Wouldn’t mind finally getting Draenei Rogues either after yknow, they literally had them in WoD. There’s one in my Garrison right now

  6. Id really hope for nelf pallies And Lightfprged monks (regular draenei have them, pandas teach evryone and draenei had their monks back on argus)

  7. They need to get rid of race/class restrictions. Even modern tabletop roleplaying games have stopped doing it. In an MMO people are very attached to their appearance in the game. So arbitrarily saying that night elves can’t be paladins or pandaren can’t be druids is against the core that the character model is the players avatar.

    As for lore. Lore follows gameplay and always should do. WoW is pulp fantasy and to be honest the WoW team need to take the lore less seriously. People are here for entertainment and a general feeling of Warcraft not Silmarillion depth. Will some race/class combinations not make much sense. Well yeah but who cares the player character is special and fun matters more. Void elf paladins are fine with me.

  8. Speaking mostly Alliance sided…

    Worgen Monks. I’ve heard people say they’re too angry for it but I think a cursed human searching for acceptance and peace with their state would make for a perfect monk. Plus claws and teeth.

    Dwarf Druid. Wildhammer clan! Now that we’ve seen the allied race druids that can become dinosaurs and spooky bone animals I think blizz can do something pretty unique for the Wildhammer. Rune tattoo’d gryphon inspired forms?

    Paladin for several races. I’m of the opinion if your race can be a priest, they could be a paladin. (Still iffy on Undead but I’m sure there’s some lore that could be done with Calia) the zandalari and tauren “paladins” both both show us that power from the light can come in many forms of worship. I think it’d be fun to show how a gnome paladin would combine their view on faith with their science driven mindset or even replicate a Paladin’s move-set with tech. Night Elf paladins obviously with Elune. Kul tirans are built to be frontline warriors and tidesage paladins would be a fun take on the class. Worgen wielding the light on the frontlines in a righteous driven fury. I could go on.

    Tauren Rogues. I know it’s a meme but the Grimtotem were all about this. Combine their spiritual nature and say they’re able to move fast and fluidly with the assistance of air elements. Like a rogueish shaman.

  9. Druids for Blood elf, Night elf, Nightborne

    Paladins for Night Elf

    Demon Hunter for Orc and Draenei

    Remove racials from appearance also, make racials independent from visual appearance like private servers have done. Improves faction balance also.

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