12 thoughts on “Bought a 6 Month Subscription for the wrong account, refund system didnt work so i opened a ticket.”

  1. Peatearredhill

    I found that in the case of financial issues they tend to awnser those way faster than simple bugs and issues. I’ve bought things and didn’t like them and they refunded me so you should be good though I’ve never done anything subscription wise. But outside of stuff they refused to help me with or just sent me Wowhead links I always got proper help when money was involved.

  2. Thats probably just how long the oldest ticket is in the system.
    Over soon to be two decades i have never had to wait longer than a day or two to get a response, depending on which time of the day i sent the ticket. It didnt matter if it was purchase or game related.

    30 days is probably a constant back and forth between CS and someone who cant accept that he got banned for accountsharing during mage tower or something along those lines.

  3. Hello there fellow European.

    Anyways, mention things like “refund”, “money”, “finance”, “afford”, “unsubscribe” as many times as you can to get bumped up in the queue.

  4. I believe if you go to the support website you can initiate a refund then just purchase the correct one. I’ve had a subscription refunded before. I’d also include that you’ve been waiting this long for a ticket response. There’s also live chat available too that been helpful for me in the past.

  5. Not_Felryn_Btw

    the wait isnt actually that long. you’ll have a response tomorrow. tuesday, by the latest.

    had a 48day ticket time just to ask if my 2nd account can get game time for a while so i can transfer characters and they responded within 18hrs lol.

  6. I play this game for 12 years and all my ticket have been resolved within 24 hours. I call this BS

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