Bug or Cheat?


So has anyone seen what just happened to me; I was driving a tank (solo zero build) one of three remaining players when this person runs up on the tank and just snatches control of it from me. Didn’t kill me, or kick me out of the driver’s position just locked me in the seat and started driving. I couldn’t exit the tank, change positions, nothing just locked there in the driving position unable to do anything. The other remaining player tries to get in one of the positions on the tank but appears to be locked out and so just started shooting the tank until eventually I’m eliminated and the tank explodes where upon the person who hijacked the tank from me kills the other play and start emoting even before the kill is recorded.

I have the replay but not sure how to post it never having done it before but it sure looks like the guy who hijacked the tank did it deliberately and knew he’d be able to.


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