[BUG] Replays showing incorrect information


Can anyone help please? My replays are corrupt. They are not showing my actual kills or game position. I have unistalled, removed all previous files and reinstalled twice. I have searched everywhere for an answer, but nobody else seems to be having this problem.

I have a screen shot here of 2 replays, but the same happens with most of my replays where it is showing position 1/1 and then 1 kill. Every 10-15 games it will show one accurate position and kill count.

Fortnite tracker is picking it up, but the in game replay system not.


UPDATE: I have figured out that Fortnite is randomly not recording all of my gameplay. I just won a game with 4 kills and I looked at the replay and it missed the last 5 mins. So stopped recording


I am on PC

Thank you


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