28 thoughts on “Can confirm watching 10 streamers at once does NOT get you a beta key any quicker :(”

  1. only 1 counts , you can put it in 240p and mute ( mute the tab ! not twitch ) in background.


    i think opening multiple ones also prevents drops.

  2. Superb-Plastic

    The drop is only time gated behind 4 hours. It’s not a chance drop. Y’all are wild.

  3. Responsible_Ad2291

    If you think about it the whole reason why the beta is being dropped via twitch is so the game will be at the top of the most viewed list

  4. Either brute force and try the unknown OR click on view details to get to your drops page and read under “Progress & Redemption”: Rewards can only be earned on one stream at a time


  5. i shouldn’t have to watch a streamer just to get a beta key when i signed up. pathetic blizzard

  6. “Why would it” “Why would you even try that”

    Something like this went through my head more than once today ๐Ÿ˜

  7. MrMustache2021

    Iโ€™m so upset that I didnโ€™t know how to change the time that my computer automatically turns off at, I left it all through the day when I went to school and got very dissapointed when I came home at 6

  8. U cant use the same browser for the streams, i did the valorant one with session manager, maybe try that

  9. It actually tells you that in a small pop-up in the chat when you join a stream but are already getting rewards

  10. We knew this already, could’ve just asked if it works and literally anyone would reply with “no”

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