Can i finish the battle pass before its over? Or how likely is it?

Ive started playing fortnite since i like the art style and the no build mode. I am currently level 30 in the battle pass and i was wondering if i could finish the current pass by only playing ~5 games in a day

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6 thoughts on “Can i finish the battle pass before its over? Or how likely is it?”

  1. SunfallWayfinder

    As long as you complete the seasonal, daily, milestones, and miscellaneous quests you’re good.

    Edit: a lot of the bonus EXP comes from seasonal, milestones, and miscellaneous quests

  2. Effective-Interest28

    That depends what you mean by finish the Battle Pass. It would be entirely possible to reach Level 100 but I highly doubt you can reach Level 200 to also get all the bonus rewards if you’re that limited as to how much you can play.

  3. You should be able to. There’s 6 more weeks left in the season with lots more weekly challenges to complete.

  4. I play less than five games a day and am 116 at this point in the season (we’re more or less half way) your focus should be on resistance quest, seasonal quest and your daily quests if you do that you should be fine

  5. Depends on your skill level. There’s vids out there of people who’ve done 100lvls in under 24hrs, but they’re also very skilled at the game. And definitely chase the challenges, there’s a lot of easy XP to be found there.

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