can I still get save the world founders edition in 2022?

So I bought save to world around july-august last year and was told by n number of people that you get vbucks from save the world. I purchased it instantly thinking i will get vbucks slowly but surely but as soon as I bought it one of the guys from our group told me that they discontinued the vbucks thing in 2020 and how it was my mistake that i didn’t ask him since he is like an og or something. Now as the moon knight skin is out i want to purchase it but buying vbucks now is like a one time purchase. So I wanna ask can i get a fortnite same the world founders edition account or even a code or anything from somewhere? Or can anyone in this sub would like to sell an account or a lying around code that they don’t need? Sorry if my English is a little rusty, I’m from india and it’s not my first language

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5 thoughts on “can I still get save the world founders edition in 2022?”

  1. xcrimsonlegendx

    They stopped selling founders packs back when the game left early access, there is no official way to get one. You *might* find a code on a 3rd party reseller for an exorbitant amount of money and you’re not guaranteed that it’ll even work.

  2. Selling accounts is against the TOS and will get that account banned. Also you could possibly find a code online but it’s not guaranteed and it will also be a lot of money.

  3. You are asking to be a founder of a game that released 2 years ago! Do you know what founding means?

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