14 thoughts on “Can we have more toys like this please? More Alt friendly features!”

  1. when did they become toys? I was still trading mine via mail like a noob. probably even bought a duplicate >_<

  2. I love using these on alts to spam Guild chat with Achievement pop ups, always a fun time. lol

  3. Professional_Load915

    They’re currently sold by the Heirloom vendors for 10k/map in Org, but I don’t know if a rep discount applies.

    It really helps when you’re doing older content pre-level 30 flying

  4. The angler water walking mount equipment needs a toy that creates the item on that character.

    Or at least make it not unique so I don’t have to fly to krasarang every time I make a new alt.

  5. AcherusArchmage

    join a guild and then use scouting maps, fill up the guild chat with exploration achievements xD

  6. It should just be removed as a toy and made account-wide. Same with reps, instead of making these kinds of toys for reps, just make everything account-wide.

  7. StuffWeAllGet69

    Did he just show toys or did he actually provide some ideas for content similar to this? I don’t have a problem with suggesting that toys that accomplish similar things are awesome, but any one can see that. The hard job is creating new ideas similar to that one

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