Can we trust Ion’s word on these interviews?

Just curious. He’s obviously trying to sell us on the expansion, as any developer would. Many players have believed him before and been let down. How much is he telling the truth given his shaky track record?

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12 thoughts on “Can we trust Ion’s word on these interviews?”

  1. I mean some of the statements are pretty clear.

    Stuff like outright saying they don’t want to have any more borrowed power and instead focus on the core talent system seems pretty set in stone to me.

    As always though its best to just wait for the beta and see.

  2. I mean, he’s definitely not outright and purposefully lying to us.

    But a lot of times things that they are planning to do don’t end up panning out the same way in their implementation for one reason or another. Sometimes the plans change as well, either from feedback or development/scheduling problems, etc.

    I would take him at his word on things about their overall outlook/goals for the games design, but know that often they don’t meet those goals, or the way their implementation of a certain outlook may not line up with the way you would do it.

  3. Believe/hold accountable on actual statements, dont believe anything vague. Thats basically it.

  4. The fundamentals of their core design strategy seems to majorly have changed tbh. After two “failures” they seem to be more receptive of game changing decisions. Will they get everything correct? No, it’s literally never happened.

    But the difference between the Shadowlands announcement and now is monumental, and if you don’t see it you probably just don’t remember how terrible those interviews were.

  5. If you are so suspicious why not just wait for it to release and see what other people say before buying it yourself?

  6. Does it matter ? The game was always decent during a .0 patch with a good raid and since Legion decent m+

    Doesn’t matter if you trust the devs or not
    Just wait till it’s out and then look at it and judge whether or not you wanna play lol
    You’ll get your money’s worth most of the time anyways

  7. I mean if they were trying to “sell us” on the expansion they probably would of done pre-orders. It’s the first time they have announced a expansion without the preorders. Imo that alone speaks volumes

  8. There’s only so much Ion can say anyway. There’s their expectations versus what they can implement. They also have the usual PR stuff they can say too.

  9. Anything that’s tangible can be trusted, while you should remain cautious on how things play out. And pay attention to what isn’t mentioned too.

    For instance you’re pretty much guaranteed that everything shown in the reveal will happen. What matters is what isn’t clearly specified and the best example for that should be dragonflight imo.

    We’ll get 4 base models, more than 50 cosmetics options for each model, unlock it early in the expansion and progress through dragonflight over time. But interviews further hints toward how it’ll play out :

    – we’ll initially be restrained but good old flying is still available.
    – They believe the best way to experience new open world content is on the ground level so probably no long term flying until you reach max level
    – Restricted to DF content
    – It’ll basically be a progression system as you’ll need to raise your dragon to remove the restrictions and probably unlock more perks

    So for all we know it could at first be a glorified glider with a weekly grind and no alt catch-up/acc wide unlocks. That’s obviously a purely speculative worst case scenario but they never mentioned how that progression will happen so we’ll have to wait for the alpha I guess.

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