43 thoughts on “cassidy ult effect now has the glowing eye from the ult icon”

  1. Silent_Immortal

    Great so he’s a Jojo’s reference now.

    The hell people getting downvoted for lmao

  2. I thought it always had it.

    I’ve never seen it from this perspective tho, Always die before spotting him lol.

  3. how come people keep on saying “the cssidy name change is so pointless” yet they throw a fit and start crying when someone uses the new name

    like if it doesn’t matter why can’t we use the now correct name

  4. The ULT icon was supposed to be a glowing eye?? I thought it meant that they were just blind on one eye looopl

  5. BestSeedEver07

    Good. It’s been bugging me that McCree never did that

    Bruh why downvote what I do

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