32 thoughts on “certified boogie bomb moment”

  1. Nice.

    I also love the “Hover in air with Jetpack and Boogie Bomb” trick. Quite OP if you can do it right.

  2. This is why I love boogie bombs, insane plays like these; because of the stun-lock from the boogies the best play for all 3 in this situation was to use their brief moments of opportunity to get high-damage off, this guy turned a losing scenario and an unfair 2v1 into two fair 1v1s where both opponents had multiple, but wasted, opportunities to get in damage of their own. They had the options of cover behind the tree, splitting up to avoid both being boogied at the same time, they had 6 separate opportunities to fire back but either missed or didn’t shoot, and it took nearly a full stack of boogies just to give our guy a fighting chance.

    And the one that will win the vote is the instant get-out-of-danger-free card that requires no skill and one click to delay fights even longer than is already possible in a game that lets you build bases wherever you feel like in an instant.

  3. This is hilarious but I know it sucks to be on the other side.

    Rift-To-Go’s are hilarious _and_ aren’t terrible to fight against.

  4. cereal_killah_1980

    Dude that was amazing. Yes certified officially licensed boogie bomb moment. You played that so well on many levels I’m really impressed and took a few notes for later.

  5. Fortnite_God_100

    Ngl the only thing I thought about that whole time was how you managed to win with that load out. Im not saying its bad but I just cant but the drum gun spammers with the ranger shotgun or a stinger

  6. Embarrassed_Score_77

    To the people who said voodoo bombs are rare watch this he used above 4 and still had more

  7. Bro’s got Orange Justice in their first emote slot B).
    I had OJ in my 3rd slot ever since I obtained it, never any other emote has been in the 3rd slot after I got it.

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