Chances of reaching LVL 90?

Casual player, pretty new to the game and I came back after the zero build was added. They also added a lot of skins from stuff that I like (Dr Strange, Moon Knight, Wu-Tang, Street Fighter) I started playing a couple days ago and I’m at lvl 34 right now.

Idk if I need to reach lvl 100 or 90 to get all the stuff from the battle pass, but I’m assuming its 90 because that’s what it caps at in the page. I haven’t actually purchased the battle pass yet, and I’m only going to when I reach lvl 90, so I have a guarantee for all the items. So I’m wondering what my chances of reaching lvl 90 are if I play everyday and complete the daily missions.

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2 thoughts on “Chances of reaching LVL 90?”

  1. You need to reach level 100 but you still have over a month, as long as you do all the weekly, daily, and resistance challenges you’ll be fine.

  2. Tbh if you’re gonna buy the battle pass I’d buy it before you reach 90 it’ll take you ages otherwise

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