23 thoughts on “Chapter 3 Season 3: Ultimatum! Season Concept(Details in comments(Also contains a spoiler))”

  1. I would love to see that pass! The bird is so cool and I for one like collabs so getting 2 that are interesting to me would be sweet.

  2. AnAbosluteClown

    The Imagined Order uses a doomsday device to revive the devourer. It rises creating a large divot in the ground where it’s bones laid. The beast controlled by I.O. rampages through the sanctuary. The seven fights back by destroying the machine with missiles. This leaves the devourer in control of itself and it is angry at I.O. It full sprints completely taking out the surface of Command Cavern. Then onto the fortress. But then it senses something. An energy large than anything else on the island. It looks towards the doomsday device and knocks what’s left out of the way. It starts smashing down into the water until revealing the zero point. The beast picks it up and then out of no where multiple missiles hit the monster. But the seven didn’t shoot them. It’s mecha team leader! A fight ensues and the mech has the upper hand knocking the devourer away from the zero point eventually slamming it into the water by camp cuddle. The robot grabs its arm that’s left in the water and fuses it back into socket. Seeing it’s distracted the beast jumps onto the mech and claws at it. It bites down on the head. The robot falls to a knee. But then it starts flying into space. They are gone until a loud explosion can be heard and the ground shakes. The head of mecha team leader falls from the sky into the bay by the sanctuary. The devourer has been defeated and the zero point is exposed and cracked. It’s energy is infusing with the lake which cause it to erupt sending shards to multiple realities bringing some flooding into reality zero.

  3. I hope Vader is a tier 1 skin, i rather have a original tier 100 skin like omega knight or someone that just look cool and have alot of styles like all tier 100 skins in chapter 1 ( beside luxe) also i hope Indiana Jones is a shop skin, the character would be one of the worst secret skin, he look so boring for a battle pass skin.

  4. I still can’t believe we’ll be getting Vader AND Indiana next season, hopefully they are both in the pass.

  5. GoldestGuardian123

    I like every skin except the second one. I never cared for skins in casual wear, they seem lazy and uninspired to me.

    Regardless, it’s clear to me that you put some thought and effort into this and I do like the rest so have an upvote (don’t have an award at the moment).

  6. that 2nd skin is so underrated, would love to see her come to the game with jet set radio-esque cel-shading

  7. contrary to another comment, the second skin is probably my favorite, the idea is cool and i think it looks really good, did u create it or who created it? but overall good ideas dude

  8. Inspirational_Lizard

    All these skins are so fucking cool. Put them all in a battle pass (minus the fucking collabs) and you might have the best battle pass since SX.

    My favorites are the first and second skin, I love the transparent coat. Even better would be a customizable first skin, like skins its based off of.

  9. AnAbosluteClown


    Seeing as Southpaw is coming to the game in the new crew(I’m so happy), I decided it would be best to update this with the new skin: TRIGGER, he is the the tiger guy from the surveys

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