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Hey Guys,

So a potential problem many people dont think about, is that since Blizzard moves character progression away from things that increase our power, and more into professions and dragon riding, our power level will increase much less. Currently after we hit max level we have gear, conduits, soulbinds, sets and legendaries to increase our power, but in the new expansion based on the current information we will “only” have gear and sets, since talents are not player progression after hitting max level. So for example, at the start of the current patch my boomkin did around 7k dps in M+ and after new sets, a second legendary, better soulbinds and 20 Ilvl more it increased to roughly 12k dps. In Dragonflight maybe it will only increase from 7k dps to 9k dps, after getting better gear and sets. This could lead to some problems:

1. investing a lot of time into a character will feel less rewarding since the power increase will be much minor. Even with crafting and dragonriding as new big means of progression, I think that a lot of wow players still just want to feel powerfull, deal good dps and see how their time investment increase both of it.

2. The highest keys that can be done will decrease dramatically. Now in this moment the highest key that got completed in time is a +29 necrotic wake, and also for a good group its not uncommon to complete a +20 or +21. With less power increase, this will reduce to maybe an all time best key of +20 and for the bulk of wow players to maximally complete a +15. not a big problem but still worthy of mention.

As a solution, what i would like to see ist just to see bigger stats increases when getting better gear, so for example when you get a better chest piece with 10 itemlevel more on it, instead of it giving +10 intelligence, it gives +15 intelligence. Thats it, i dont want any new borrowed power, i’m excited about the new professions and about dragonriding, i only want more stats from gear increases to replace the loss of of power we will experience from abandoning legendaries, conduits etc…


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5 thoughts on “Character power progression problem”

  1. Reducing the things people need is not a net negative.

    Back in Wrath I carried 2.5 full sets of gear. As well as about 3-6 different saved variations of those pieces.

    I was able to better min max myself with far fewer things to worry about or pursue.

    I had a PvE tank set, PvE DPS set, a PvP set. I also had saved a variety of sets. My barely DEF capped gear to tank and do legitimate DPS in daily heroics, and a tank/pvp hybrid to carry flags or hold points.

    With the constant inflation of borrowed power, making these other sets has been increasingly more difficult. In 8.3 you needed 3 azerite pieces, the essences, leveled cloak, corruptions, and enchants. It became barely worth it for me to maintain a second spec, let alone multiple gear sets within that.

  2. Lmao.

    Your solution to them dropping borrowed power is to inflate numbers more? You mean like the thing they level-squished to try and *fix?*

  3. This makes no sense at all. How can you make the assumption that players won’t do 29’s ? Highest keys by the end of legion were around the same level and a bit lower in BFA.

    Your scaling in power is directly related to the scaling of trash/bosses. They can play around with every number to keep the scaling the same even if your damage doesn’t double over the course of the expansion.

    How they balance the scaling of player power through an expansion is their call, but this doesn’t change ANYTHING as far as your damage vs the scaling of everything you’re killing.

  4. I think if players feel like their time isn’t as “valued,” maybe those players should take a break until the next patch or find another element of the game to engage with.

    I’d also say that if the game does need something to make players feel stronger, it should probably have more to do with secondary stats than anything else. Less emphasis on raw power, more emphasis on putting together a competent character build.

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