Characters like Agent Jones?

I just recently started diving into the lore of this game, and I’m really into what I’ve learned thus far, but I was curious about something. So, all of the “Jonesy” skins are canonically snapshots of Agent Jones wearing disguises, but I was wondering if the same was the case for the rest of the default characters are the same way? I mean, they get skins of themselves in different outfits all the time too, is this an instance of different people ending up different at the end of their loops, or are there more canonical IO agents infiltrating the loop in disguises, like Jones?

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3 thoughts on “Characters like Agent Jones?”

  1. Yeah pretty much all the defaults and skins with their models (minus a few exceptions) are likely IO agents with Snapshots

  2. Agent Jones is the only “original” we’ve seen, but yes, it’s likely all the other cloned characters have an original version working for IO.

  3. We can assume that’s the case, we have interacted with some characters who use models of the defaults with names that can be assumed as snapshots. However with the Batman comics we can’t trust if every default model use is canon. Magnus uses Jonesy’s model but is actually a separate character in canon

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