Cheater’s in Fortnite

I’ve seen an influx of cheaters recently, whether it’s just in pubs or arena, or Tik tokers selling cheats on their livestreams. I hear a lot of it has to do with a certain plug in extension but I’ve seen others with literal wall hacks, double dinking me with the burst in bushes. Just wanted to mention this because I feel like it’s been a massive problem lately and I hope Epic prioritizes getting these losers out of their game ASAP.

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14 thoughts on “Cheater’s in Fortnite”

  1. FurphyHaruspex

    It is the no build. It drew attention to the game again and we got an influx of people from BRs that are rife with cheating.

    It is just how they play. And they are bringing that cancer here.

  2. peanutbuttermuffs

    I’ve noticed this too. Played today and the number of people killing me with one shot or not getting hit when I shoot them is outrageous. It was super annoying.

  3. The seeing through bushes thing isn’t hacks. For some stupid reason, apparently, if you use performance mode, you can see through bushes.

  4. Yeah, it’s noticeable.

    Still get people trying to deny the existence of cheaters for some reason.

  5. Not to mention the insane amount of zen Chronus users. Most of which are never banned.
    It’s also mind blowing how a large part of the community deludes themselves into thinking that zen isn’t cheating….

  6. Popular game = a lot of cheaters

    I encountered a few but it’s rare for me since my win streak is nonexistent because I only jump in to finish challenges

  7. issue is shit ton of zenners are playing with controller and abusing AA with scripts which when you realize,there is more controller than KBM players

    cheats on KBM are virtually non-existent because a lot of them are really visible

    and no build mode brought a ton of them new ones in so that is a bonus

  8. Fortnitelover7193

    I have felt like some of my enemies where cheating but they where just really good.I’ve never encountered a hacker, ever.

  9. Ran into this person yesterday who I suspected of hacking. She would pop over the wall, prefiring, and knowing our exact location.

    Decided to look them up and, sure enough, has yet to get even second place in no build. Yesterday they had a k/d record of 497.

    I reported them in game but I doubt anything will come of it.

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