Chica’s Fun Run doesn’t work?


EDIT: I misread and saw that I don’t get her for playing this 😭 but still why does this shit not work at all-

So I opened the game and it said I could get the skin for just playing this so I said sure why not, and I have been trying to play this for like half an hour and I swear it just doesn’t work. You either fall to the bottom of a pit and get instantly knocked down or you get trapped in a building the moment you spawn that you can’t break. How the hell are you supposed to play or beat this thing? Even if you were to miraculously get the the bottom of the pit without dying the path you’re supposed to take is always blocked by people’s buildings that you can’t do anything about! Help!


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3 thoughts on “Chica’s Fun Run doesn’t work?”

  1. hey anyone getting the bug where you reach the egg at the end and it just kills you and makes you spectate others?

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