14 thoughts on “C’mon guys stop already(clip from @fresh’s video on youtube)”

  1. if epic sees them maybe we’ll get a decent shop instead of the same crap we’ve seen for the past three months

  2. Then epic should stop making shit item shops.

    theres no reason why the same 60ish skins need to rule the item shop when theres over 1000

  3. vinsmokewhoswho

    Thing is, even if epic makes more varied shops, people will still complain that they don’t contain the items they want.

  4. Yea like why do they act like shops need a scored or rated, like we’re in some kind of reality show called “fortnite shops got talent?”. Literally nobody needs their input , you say “good skin” or “good update” or “good weapon” because YOU enjoy these things. How the fuck does anyone or a group of people “enjoy” a shop? They don’t. Shops aren’t a thing that a person enjoys its just a quick 2 second purchase that happens every now and then.

    A “shop” has either has something you waited for and you buy it or it doesn’t so you don’t buy anything. Thats it. That’s all you need to care about.

    And the whole logic is stupid too, like people say its a bad shop because 30 day items keep returning and rare ones don’t.

    But if rare items return more frequently they wouldn’t be rare anymore, and if they did that to all rare items then a “good shop” would literally be impossible by their logic.

  5. For a bit the shop was dry but with Moon Knight and the return of Chris and Jill I am happy, also it having these periods of dryness sort of helps me not spend too much on this game lmao.

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