41 thoughts on “coming back to overwatch really is nostalgic man”

  1. Eh, I know what your getting at, but if it’s a choice between a pandemic and watching xqc, I’ll take the pandemic

  2. “Are you okay bro? Hammond, the Hamster? Sigma feet? Bro it’s 2016, mada mada I need healing lol. I love Mercy’s ultimate, she can revive so many people.”

  3. it’s funny, if you look at the comments in this post, 90% of the negative comments are r/place 22 participants. it’s quite funny how much xQc made reddit hate him over r/place lmfao.

  4. Why anyone likes him is beyond me, he constantly freaks out and cussed and yells and whines and I just don’t have the patience, he makes himself not very likable.

  5. Just browsing this thread, I had no idea xqc’s fanbase were such a bunch of fucking shit dick pussies. I mean I’m not surprised, that guy fucking sucks, but I hadn’t paid attention whatsoever from him going to a big streamer to apparently one of the biggest. Wild.

  6. I can’t stand him. Crap vocabulary, crap articulation, rarely finished a sentence coherently without being side tracked by another thought that he won’t properly convey. Unattractive low effort stream , angry, salty, sweaty, tilted, singing when he’s winning, bursting when he’s losing. Uninformed, ignorant cunt.

    Other than that I think he’s alright.

  7. I won’t pretend to know what he is like as a person, none of us are perfect. We all make mistakes, and the important thing is that we try to improve ourselves.

    I will say that I would consider it a form of torture if I were forced to watch him. I find his voice very annoying. His little temper tantrums are just pathetic. Not my cup of tea.

  8. Remember when QXC flipped out during that event and made an absolute ass of himself then everyone forgot? Didn’t he also have SH allegations as well?? Never understand why people think he’s funny

  9. Plat, Diamond, Master what are you talking about? I just reached a new high of 75 rating. I just love to see that coin flip at the start of the match.

  10. There is a spannish Youtuber/Streamer called Makina. he used to play Overwatch but left after Echo got released and started playing Apex, now, I agree on his choice, if he doesn’t want to play OW I’m no one to force him, but yesterday he uploaded an Overwatch2 beta video, I swear it felt like coming back to 2018

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