27 thoughts on “Concept: Seasonal Mythic+ DeathStalker Mount Changed to Covenant Anima Mounts”

  1. Thanks everyone for the support.

    Stop downvoting people saying “this isn’t impressive, it’s just a hue shift with wow assets.” That’s exactly the point.

    The wow art team blows it out of the water every expansion. It’s part of the reason I have stuck with the game. I like the maw deathstalker mount. But a little variation, besides a hue shift, can make the same mount feel completely different.

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  3. Can someone get this man/woman a job a blizzard already!! Your work is always so clean, professional, and just amazing looking! Keep it up I love seeing it!

  4. Smoll indie company can’t possibly invest the resources for such complex designs are you crazy?

  5. DreamMaster8

    This is more proof people dud like the idea of the convenant. Just so bady executed…

  6. Oh my godddd Blizzard hire this fucking guy already jesus christ!!!! His page is the bane of my cosmetic enjoyment in this game!

    Jokes aside, amazing as usual, but we need you at Blizzard for us cosmetic fans!

  7. parting_soliloquy

    I don’t know what we are paying for.
    This, and all the other ideas should be in the game long time ago. With the amount of content we get (especially in Shadowlands) wow should be freaking free to play.

  8. NandoDeColonoscopy

    The wings on the kyrian one look comically out of place but otherwise these are pretty cool

  9. Holdycoldyfold

    I think these look dumb tbh – thematically the elemental doesn’t match with the armor at all. It does however illustrate blizzards laziness.

  10. I’d have so much as tried if they looked like this. The maw-themed ones simply do not interest me.

  11. So many cool ideas on this sub! And then I realise.. blizz will probably not make any of this possible.. better recolor mounts and call it a day.. now iam sad damn.

  12. Accomplished-Row-303

    Honestly not a fan. I know this is just quickly thrown together with the covenant back pieces, but if the mounts had come out looking anything like this I’d be disappointed

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