Connection lag on PC only.

I just started playing Fortnite a month or so ago. When I first got on, my PC ran it great. My Xbox also ran it great. In the last 2-3 weeks however, my PC started stuttering. Not FPS but Wi-Fi connectivity. Constantly showing the greyed out Wi-Fi symbol with the yellow X. My ping is between 9-13 and speeds are averaging 250/20. It still works fine on Xbox, but on PC I get the Wi-Fi interrupted symbol about every 15 seconds. It only happens on Fortnite. Everything else runs just fine with no lag. Any suggestions on what could be causing this issue? Is it a known issue? I’ve tried researching it, but just find the standard “Reset your router” or “Turn down your graphics” articles. I’ve tried both obviously, with neither improving the Wi-Fi issue. Ports have also been forwarded. I can’t really hardwire, unless I hardwire to a mesh router, which I haven’t tried but don’t know if that would help since it would be wired to a wireless router anyhow.

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  1. Someone in the area may have set up a wifi network using the same channel or one next to it. There are free network utilities that can show you the whole spectrum of available channels, and which wifi network is on which channel, and if you get it in the app it’ll tell you how strong their signal is so you can switch your wifi to a better channel.

    I use a windows app called inSSIDer. There are many out there, even phone apps. Good luck.

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