Considering that Evokers can only be be Dracthyr, they should be able to use any existing race/gender combination as their visage form.


1. Only one race can be Evokers. This means that customisation and transmogrification options are severely limited for a brand new class. This doesn’t feel fantastic and detracts from what should be a fun new experience.

2. We’ve seen in lore that dragonkin can transform into literally anything they want. Chromie is the most obvious example of this; a dragon that’s born male, but decides to present as a female gnome instead. This is already an established thing.

3. The visage form seems to be non-combat only, meaning it doesn’t have unique animations or anything that the class fundamentally relies upon to function. So it doesn’t really matter what it looks like…right?

Why not make the scaly elf visage that was shown off in the announcement a **choice** for dracthyr? Maybe some of them aren’t trying to hide that they’re dragons, and they have that unique form because of it. But simultaneously, gives us the option to have our visage form be any other existing race/gender combination in the game. I don’t mean scalify every other race, I mean just let us literally use the existing options. Let us swap between them freely at the barbershop like druids do with their forms. This opens up so much more customisation and transmog options at literally zero effort or expense on Blizzard’s behalf, is already established in the lore, and doesn’t negatively effect the non-combat aspect of the class. If I want to be a normal troll, dwarf, pandaren, anything outside of combat…well, why not? Dragons have been doing that in WoW since forever.

I’d play an Evoker in a heartbeat if I didn’t have to be a weird scaly elf. Pls don’t arbitrarily write some weird new lore that locks dracthyr into being those things. Gnome dragons are unironically fucking amazing and fucking ridiculous simultaneously and I need that in my life. Pls.

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34 thoughts on “Considering that Evokers can only be be Dracthyr, they should be able to use any existing race/gender combination as their visage form.”

  1. I had read in leaks somewhere that Nelves and Zandalari would also be given to them as visage forms so maybe they do have them but have not been previewed yet. Ultimately I feel it’s a pretty easy fix to just give them more humanoid forms so people don’t bitch about the made up exclusivity.

  2. I don’t know the story behind the dracthyr because the expansion hasn’t been released yet, but I know that:

    1. they were made by Neltharion before he was corrupted, so ages ago.
    2. human and high elf/night elf are the *most popular form chosen by the dragons* (Neltharion, Alexstrasza, Nozdormu, Kalec, Wrathion, Onyxia, the list goes on).
    3. they are not *dragons*, but more of a *dragonspawn*. They do not possess the same powers.

    They were created LONG ago, they have never encountered any mortal races since they were *on the Dragon Isles all this time*. They might have learned the human/elf form as the “default”, since maybe the aspects all chose such forms and they wanted to follow their footsteps.

    Now, from the technical point of view:
    they would have to take * option* and adjust it to *every.single.race*.
    I don’t see it happening all at once. Maybe in a 10.0.5 patch they would start adding other races to the pool of visages, since the Dracthyr would lore wise interact with other races so they could take their appearences.

  3. I wholeheartedly believe there will be more than male belf/female human. I also believe the customization options aren’t done, hence not being shown off yet. Heck it doesn’t even make sense for male belf since the belfs aren’t 10000 years old.

  4. I think they intentionally made the class exclusive to the race to prevent people from playing it. So many people have been waiting so long for a new ranged dps. Maybe a way to avoid overcrowding is to force the race.

  5. You forgot it’s a small indie company we’re talking about, why would they apply the rules they made for every NPC for the players when we can re-use for the what, third for’urth time the BELF model?

  6. It makes too much sense, which means Blizz wont do that. But seriously, the only reason i see is lack of resources?

  7. One thing that seems to be forgotten by a lot of people here, Drakthyr aren’t dragons.

    They are an hybrid race, a mix between dragon and mortal race. They aren’t dragons.

    So, everything the dragons can do may not be real for Drakthyr.

  8. It sorta sounds like (in Blizzard PR speak so take it how you will) That the Dracthyr can only be evokers will eventually be lifted and they’ll be given more classes. But when or if that happens is still up in the air. And I still find it a bullshit excuse not one of them picked up a sword in 10 thousand years they were on the island.

  9. twelvetimesseven

    Everything should be everything. It’s all made up. The lore isn’t hindering anything when it can be reframed as necessary.

  10. It would be cool and would make sense, but. dh had 2 races and nobody cared, I think they have other prios that they should fix first.

  11. Additionally, in terms of them being other classes, the evoker *has* to be in drakthyr form in combat, and the reasoning given for why they can’t be other classes is because there’s no animations for the drakthyr for other classes.

    Well, just have drakthyr be human form while in combat if they’re a class other than Evoker.

    So if you have a drakthyr Warrior, it would just be in visage/human form while in combat, and the form would be toggleable outside of combat

  12. They chose what they chose because it lines up with what is already common for dragons to shift into, and conveniently female human and male blooded are already highly favored models.

  13. Tbh just give me the option to display transmog on the dragon form and everything is fine for me. Just do it like the Worgen it even the Mechagnones but give us something. Still you are absolutely right and I was pretty disappointed that this wasn’t the case tbh

  14. I think it’s too late, they already did too many customization options for those two models, if they did them simpler maybe it could be possible lol

    I was talking about it with a friend, we think having simple shit like horns and colored eyes would be the most effortless thing they could do and it would work, also in combat those models will be completely useless

  15. TmeMbdwZMvDD2SQ9hr5a

    I am never tired of reading these people complains.

    Let’s take a snack before the next one is coming 🙂

  16. Destroyerofanduin

    I agree but just don’t let the visige be undead.

    We don’t need more zombies the walking dead surviors have enough of them to deal with already.

  17. It’d be interesting if you had a quest line with each faction so you could get a better understanding of each race. I’d enjoy a quest where you could order tea in a Dwarven Tavern and they all just attack you, for example

  18. I love the weird scaly elf aesthetic and would love a weird scaly gnome even more. Blizzard please scalify all other races!

  19. I also hope that mounts or whatever aren’t visage mandatory either. I think it would be fun and cool to be a dragon riding on the back of another dragon lol

  20. They’re putting a ton of unique customizations on the Dracthyr’s existing visage forms; I think it’s unlikely they’ll do it for every race

  21. I’d definitely prefer if the visage form had options to be other races even if I couldn’t get the fancy customizations since we’ll only see the dragon form 99% of the time anyways. If they did add customization options I would be happy with just horns honestly.

    I like elves well enough but we have too many elves at this point.

  22. I’m all for this and will signal boost it to eternity. Sad thing is that they are probably in too deep to make it happen now. Because at the start of this project someone went ” nah we should make them look like a unique race with a lot of customizations instead of all races with just a couple of them”. Which is a fair call, it’s just not what the community would expect from a dragon themed race.

  23. ProfPolycappellus

    I think most people are missing the point of the Evoker. It’s not a class in the traditional sense, but rather a way of mechanically representing your growing into your draconic powers.

  24. Kindly-Inevitable-80

    How do you know you CAN’T make a non scaled humanoid form? They haven’t even shown everything off and its not even available for testing yet.

  25. parting_soliloquy

    Right? That’s what I exactly meant when I said that another retconned race from nowhere is a nonsense.

  26. >Chromie is the most obvious example of this; a dragon that’s born male

    Wait what

    Where was this mentioned? I had absolutely no idea about this.

  27. Hayaguaenelvaso

    It wouldn’t make sense. Dragons hate orcs to death, given the atrocities committed against the dragon queen. Would never transform in one of those stinking beats or any of its cronies

  28. The thing is their is not a single race that can do this so it doesn’t make sense.

    Also let’s say they can turn into whatever race they want, how do you implement that? Is it character creation only? If so that doesn’t make sense because they can literally change their form at any time according to Reddit. However changing forms at any time is something Blizzard would never do because Race changes being a paid thing.

    Besides the class is also a neutral race, so does that mean Horde players can take on the form of a Night Elf and Alliance the form of a Tauren?

    That’s another aspect as-well what happens to Taurens Horns or Draenei Hooves?

    The thing is Dracthyr aren’t Dragons they don’t have the same abilities, they were created solely to use the power of all 5 dragonflights and that’s it. Their are probably restrictions that come with that such as the ability to choose their preferred humanoid form. Just look at their Dragon form it looks nothing like an actual Dragon like Ysera etc.

    Another reason I don’t see this happening is because of Worgens, we have Kul’tirans which are literally just fat humans and yet they can’t be Worgen.

    Allowing Worgens to have a Kul’tiran human form makes infinitely more sense than a Dracthyr turning into a Goblin and yet it hasn’t happened yet.

    Yeah sure maybe Blizzard has something planned but just like classes they would need to interact with and learn about these new races in order to transform into them. I just don’t see anything like this happening until near the end of the expansion, classes maybe around the 2nd or 3rd raid tier.

  29. The onky reason to not offer evoker as an option for every race is that they want them to be able to transform into every other race on the fly – via a system like druid forms.

    I can think of no other reason for why they wouldn’t just make evoker available to every race if they didn’t implement this feature.

    So we better get it – or this would be a classic design oversight.

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