Covenant abilities after 10.0


Hey all, the last few days i have been really enjoying playing as a necrolord frost mage (really like the deathborne ability). I am a fairly new player and read on some forum that the covenant abilities may be removed after the next update. Does anyone know if this is still expected after the recent announcement? Or is there a chance that i could still play with this covenant ability way after the next expansion? Thanks!


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  1. It seems some of them will be added to the new talent tree coming in 10.0, so there is a chance you will get to play it, but it’s not guaranteed.

    Some of them are guaranteed to be gone though, we won’t really know which ones until alpha test begins for 10.0.

  2. Some covenant abilities will stick around in the form of talents, we don’t know which ones though.

    It’s probably pretty safe to assume that the ones everyone really likes, or the ones that fit the class well, are going to be staying.

    That being said we don’t know if they’ll be exactly the same. Convoke is confirmed to be staying, but they might have nerfed the duration or changed some other part of the spell. We’ll need to wait for alpha to see, so we’re probably still a few months away at this point.

  3. Plan on losing it. Some of the abilities may be added back as talents, but you can’t count on it, nor can you count on the implementation being what you presently like.

    My advice is prepare yourself to be pleasantly suprised rather than disappointed.

  4. They notoriously kept some abilities from the Legion artifacts or from tier sets and made them a talent, a legendary effect or even baseline (not sure about this one ?). It’s definitely gonna happen for some covenant abilities since we saw in the new talent tree reveal that druids had access to Convoke the spirits.

    But for skelly boi precisely, we can’t be sure for now.

  5. They specifically said in the reveal that covenants disappear
    (Was obvious to begin with)

    That said they also mentioned that they’ll include many covenant abilities artifact abilities and legendary effects in the new talent trees (which are still subject to change and will prolly see a lot of balance changes once alpha starts)

    Tldr wait till game footage becomes available and see what the mage tree got

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