Covenant abilities post Shadow Lands question

Currently the abilities work everywhere, how is Blizzard going to explain losing them once the next expansion launches?

Maybe the sky hole closing prevents us from gaining our covenant powers eventually or something like that. In Legion we literally spent the artifact’s power to save the world for example.

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  1. Traditionally they always have some lore note that explains why we lost whatever the borrowed power was at the end of an Xpack.

    The good news is, they also generally go through and turn some of the crowd favorites into baseline abilities or talents going forward. So you can expect some of the most popular covenant abilities and legendry powers from Shadowlands to be permanent class features in the next expansion. We just have to wait and see ones make the cut.

  2. With the talent revamp, it is possible that most if not all of the covenant abilities could stay with us post-SL. The Work in Progress screenshot of the Resto Druid tree showed Convoke the Spirits. It’s possible that they get baked in.

    Ideally it would be something where you could pick one class ability and one covenant ability, e.g. Soulshape + Abomination Limb as an option for DKs. SUPER IDEALLY, they would also add the Unity/Covenant Leggo effect as something you could invest talent points into (e.g. CDR for Monk Fallen Order etc.).

  3. I don’t think it makes full sense to lose them at this point. Like bfa, you can still go put the heart of azaroth on and level it. I think it needs to be eclipsed by something new not outright lost at worst. Just shoehorning a reason to lose them like legion gets old and predictable. IF it had to be lost. I like the idea of having it being used to help heal the wound in silithis from the giant sword that was stabbing into the world by a freaking titan. As it does seem this would help justify the damage that has been done by to azaroth.

    But then the build up to shadowlands had tons of stuff going on around ice crown and noth really came from that after the we traveled to the shadow lands. Which I think is a lost opportunity in and of itself

  4. Shadowlands is going to chromie time. So it’ll work in chromie time :shadowlands and not in any other chromie time or in current content most likely

  5. AspiringNormie87

    Based on history a few might be baked into talents or gear. Otherwise yeah they will be left behind.

    Good riddance I say.

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